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Memorable in Love #poetry #photography

Calling  in the heat of passion

as the moon and stars collide

saying it over and over

it wasn’t my name he cried

intent on our l’amour

a height that I can render

baby, baby, baby

the only name he could remember

thrusting forth in slumber

he writhes and then he screams

I waken to the noise

he needs me not it seems

alone – covers and I

“was there ever love?” I wondered

too many tears to cry

our vows were tossed asunder


Photograph: “Just a Sip” © L. Moon 2013

6 thoughts on “Memorable in Love #poetry #photography

  1. Hello, Win -Great commentary. I remebmer how I always got a library card wherever I ended up as a homeless person so, I could keep up with social media that applied to my musical endeavors. Even though I had lost all of my gear to a pawnshop, due to being in a bad relationship (where the woman in question ended up going to jail for Criminal Domestic Violence she assaulted me with a box cutter) I kept up promoting myself as a musical artist, hoping that one day I would get back into the musical fray, as it were.When I was staying at a local shelter in Raleigh last year (and, part of this year), I received an incredible Christmas gift from one of my family members an acoustic/electric guitar, with a gig bag to carry it around. I was moved to tears, because music has been my life since I was seven years old. I used to play music with him (the family member, a cousin) professionally when I lived in Virginia married, with kids back in the 1990s. He and I are going to pair up’ again, starting in September. I recently received another musical gift from my fiancee a Roland Cube Street amplifier / portable PA amp, and a headset microphone. This is what enhanced my busking (being a licensed street musician) in downtown Raleigh, giving me more of a professional presence while I perform.I used this setup back on 6 April this year, performing for Love Wins Ministries’ sixth anniversary party. I don’t know if I met you there, or not my memory is definitely reflective of being fifty years old, with a past that included drug and alcohol abuse. I’ve been clean and sober for nearly four years, now; though, I’m disabled I’m not able to walk very far, due to neurological problems that arrived in my life from multiple back surgeries, and, diabetes (Type-1).I use a wheelchair, and, sometimes a rollator’ but, I can still play, and sing. Thanks be to God. I also have depression, PTSD, and anxiety disorders thrown into the mix’ I’ve been denied Social Security disability three times, and, have had to re-file from scratch. The only income I can generate is through busking, and, it is a meager way to make a living. On some days, the cost of transportation, and the replacement of batteries that power my little 5-watt street amp negate any kind of profit. I keep trying, however.My Twitter address is I just opened that up recently, so, if you tweet’, follow me, and, I’ll follow you. You’re absolutely right in your assessment that if homeless people didn’t have some kind of access to social media, their lives could be very difficult, indeed. I have a Facebook page, but, only for musical promotion I can’t make any friends’ there, as I got out of that part of the social media rampage because it depressed me, even further.Be well, Win and, once again, your commentary was as the Brits say it spot-on .


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