Life’s Canvas #art #poetry #photography

lane to the stable

Her art took on a new beauty

rust etched the background

creating a sepia contrast

red, ochre, black ground and mixed

 embedded under her nails

each brush an ally

each painting a well-known friend

 pochade box hinges creaked

suffering its own form of arthritis

and she the master of life’s canvas still

Laurie Kolp’s prompt at Poetry Jam this week was “Rust.” Having just been at my childhood home aka art studio, I felt compelled to write in rust colored ink.

Photograph: “The Lane to the Stable” L. Moon 2013

The oil painting “Stanford Lane”  circa 1980 is the copyright image of Clare

also in my archives some photographs of Rusting Images.

23 thoughts on “Life’s Canvas #art #poetry #photography

  1. So vivid. It’s amazing what those childhood visits can conjur up and how each piece has a special place in one’s heart. Only a true artist has colors beneath her fingernails. = )

    Thanks so much for taking part, Leslie.


  2. Leslie, so totally cool to see you here! I have missed you……I dont get around the sphere as extensively as I wish I could………love the painting and the poem, “each brush an ally….and she the master of life’s canvas”. OH YES!!!!!!!!!


  3. each piece we create is embedded forever under our nails or elsewhere … going back and reviewing a life’s work is such a reflective exercise … i liked this piece very much!


  4. were you around at FDL the night Texteen and Cassie got into cheiacml warfare over the assorted scents in the bedroom they shared at the time? As punishment, I made them sleep in the room with the lingering axe and perfume and whatever else they’d been spraying.


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