Connected #poetry #photography

Like the roots of life seeking tree

the colorful threads, a tapestry

we weave and sow

our lives together grow

what the source then

is it love for ink,  joy of  pen?

 does the dust from your star

mingle with mine no matter how far?


we weave and sow

and like friends tho far we grow

the songs we sing may different be

you may swim a different sea

your blue eyes twinkle mine do laugh

champagne bubbles in each other’s glass

a toast I raise to you to me

splendors shared, writers we

Join Verse First and the delightful prompt ” We are interconnected” 

Photography © L. Moon 2013

26 thoughts on “Connected #poetry #photography

  1. Leslie, I was so happy to see your name at Mr Linky and knew I would love your poem. How delightful to find you wrote about the interconnected poetry web and the friendships we make from near and far. I especially love “splendors shared, writers we”. LOVE the wonderful photo…….the twigs, the roots, the leaves – another cycle of interconnection, death, rebirth and growth.


  2. I really like the idea of writers weaving a tapestry together, Leslie, despite different songs there are a lot of similarities, and wonderful to see the ending with a toast raised to ‘writers we.’ Good to see you here at Poets United!


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