The Possibilities with Time Travel #flashfiction #amwriting

“And there you are” my tour guide said as we stood on a field, in who knows where, facing three doors.

“Really,That’s It?

We only travelled to Paris during the French Revolution where I almost lost my head. (my eyes narrowed)

Stalingrad during the siege of  42 – 43.  I got frost bite (gritting teeth)

Kilimanjaro  was a cheat because we didn’t start at the base. (throws up arms)

What about the blue door?

Intergalactic? No oxygen? A minor technicality. No gravity? We’ll bring the door.  No Starbucks? What kind of second-rate travel agency do you work for anyway????”

coffee 022

And here we are at the beginning of this week’s travel in 100 words through Flash Fiction with our guide Rochelle Wisoff- Fields. Enjoy the journey!


22 thoughts on “The Possibilities with Time Travel #flashfiction #amwriting

    1. There are some great studies about parnets and unhappiness. Basically, parnets are unhappy but score higher on other measures of importance to over all well-being.You always have to be careful when you talk about happiness. We do many things that we do not like, but are better off for doing it.


    1. Amberr MeadowsSusan, there are indeed a lot of meitrcs involved. I just try to be the best parent I can, give lots of love, affection, and discipline when needed, and we are doing just fine. I don’t read books to make me the expert parent, because all parents have flaws. I think it is all about balance and a significant show of love very often.


  1. I bet a hot coffee or latte would’ve been welcome to have in that Stalingrad visit. I like your time travel take on the three doors — and you threw in great details in those parentheses. I don’t think this tour guide is going to get a good review, not with those narrowed eyes and gritted teeth!


  2. Well time travel is one thing, but intergalactic without oxygen is a bit too much. The problem here is the agency has bitten off more than it can chew – intergalactic, historical, we really have not got all the bugs out of our space/time contiguous travel machine. Better to sit in Starbucks with a latte. A soya latte. Bet that would be hard to get in 18th centruy Paris.


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