The Quest for Life #haiku #photography #poetry

The road less travelled

looking at my reflection

take my first step


Take my first step

grasping for life’s answers

before it slips away

Today’s prompt at Carpe Diem guest hosted by Maggie Grace is Vision Quest 

Photography: “Reflected in the Pond” and “Between the Cracks” © L. Moon 2013


17 thoughts on “The Quest for Life #haiku #photography #poetry

  1. There is a saying “that man spends so much time trying to find the meaning of life, they no time to live it.” a random memory engendered by you poem…have a great weekend my friend.


      1. Tossing this out there, every Thursday Travonna Coffee House Runs Still Alive Poets Society Open mic from 8pm to 10pm. Completely free and open, with a very accepting MC and envneonmrit. We’re off the wall and crazy, but we love to have more poets show up.I dunno if it’s maybe this will be too forward, but if you would like any additional information , just email and I’ll answer any questions.


    1. Both pertinent quetoisns, Lauren.When a friend gives us a gift which we toss aside what would we say when he asks Did you like my gift? To add a religious (not neccessarily of any particular faith) slant:He has given us this Gift and when we finally meet Him, what would we say when He asks I waited long for you. How did you get lost, did my Gift not work? Thank you for your visit and lovely comment.Luv and hugz,Eric


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