The Stellar Chorus #poetry #photography

cold prismic

My eyes blinked

I was swept away

if only by chance

it was a secret display


A hand grasped

I saw a link

a world woven nest

my eyes blinked


stars sang  harmony

celestial flower filled basket

by chance I caught its melody

that my hand grasped


a clever array

ripe with lovely memory

my flesh tingled

and stars sang beautiful harmony


 I took to the stars in this fun interweaving of words prompted by Sunday Whirl


Photograph: Cold Prism © L. Moon 2013

6 thoughts on “The Stellar Chorus #poetry #photography

  1. Most of the time I read the posts,look at the pictures and write my comment. I read Stellar chorus and thought I should try to find out what are these short poems telling me.
    The first one to me seems like a dream.
    Second one tells me still dreaming,a hand grasps,you blink and find yourself in a woven nest.It’s so beautiful to dream all this. Am I right?


    1. That’s the beauty I believe in poetry – the poet can craft a world, a dream that opens the door to the reader’s imagination
      Yes I saw this poem as a dream the major player being a concert hall where the stars performed. I think the ending stanza is waking up in a field with the stars still performing
      Ask me tomorrow the translation could be different 🙂


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