Conflicted #poetry #photography

I stand in a wedge of conflict

between the familiar now old 

white washed plastic

new and cold


I behold a world

slipping away

horses, fields

tractors  only on display

The cavernous barns

where we once climbed

are now derelict

  broken, gray in decline


a world that was wild

once free and grand

is caught up in bargains

fenced in land


 senses  affronted

as I cross the highway of life

buildings emblazoned with red circles

Flashing lights blind my sight


Go!  turn your backs

on the world of old charm

give up expansive  fields 

 embrace plastic, metal, car alarms


I am posting this poem today with Poetry Pantry where poets get to share old and new poetry.

This poem was originally posted in July 2010. I did a little restructuring but I hope  the conflict between an old more stable world versus a more static plastic world is still conveyed.


18 thoughts on “Conflicted #poetry #photography

  1. Leslie, was so happy to see you in the pantry. 🙂

    Love the photos. Beautiful! And feel the poem deeply as we are going through that intensely in our region. Fields are being swallowed whole by developers. I don’t know where the world thinks they’re going to get their food from…its insane.


  2. Lovely blog, words and photography. Enjoyed your poem … the old world has charm that plastic and metal can’t replace. Well done. Visiting from Poets United and greetings from the New York countryside 🙂


  3. It’s a dismal sight.What we had and readily gave up for modernization. The fields,the carts the people ,have given up something valuable which we’ll never see again.If this is the price we have to pay,I wonder,is it really worth it!


  4. Funny but I was writing about the same thing too ~ We should never forget the old charm despite the abundance of plastic & metals in our world ~ Good one Leslie ~


  5. No, my soul is always shipping through a nostalgic mood:
    No! can’t turn my back on the world of old charm
    cannot give up expansive fields
    won’t embrace plastic, metal, car alarms…


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