Refreshed #poetry #haiku

sweat lodge –
my only vision
is of the cool water

~ Garry Gay of the American Haiku Society

cross-country run

refreshment our reward’s goal

melted winter flows

Today’s Special at Carpe Diem is in the spirit of contemporary haiku by Garry Gay

Photograph: Small Waterfall © L. Moon


9 thoughts on “Refreshed #poetry #haiku

  1. Leslie, nice posts, all… but, the old farm thought… lives on.
    ___And to speak from then… till now. We seem to discredit the old skills; the farmers. That “plastic” life seems to have overcome some of us. The past… is the source, the parent of tomorrow. _m

    In our left hand
    The rope of the past,
    And that of tomorrow,
    In our right.

    Will, links the past,
    To tomorrow’s rope
    Not loosing either line;
    Dreams knot.


  2. Hmmm carrots and leaevs interesting juxtaposition. I like each of the first and second lines, but am not sure how they go together. I eat a lot of carrots, warm and cold. So when I read warm carrots, I picture them in a serving dish or on my plate. Then piled high in the garden stops me. I try to picture a high pile of warm carrots in the garden and have trouble seeing it! The middle line goes fine with dead leaevs, but for me the poem reads as though the middle line goes with both the first and the third lines, making a pivot.That could be solved by re-ordering the 2nd and 3rd lines, and/or using punctuation after the first.warm carrots a high pile of dead leaevsin the gardenBut I don’t know whether that edit takes the poem in a direction you don’t want to go


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