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The Sea’s Treasure #haiku #photography

alone on the sands

you tiny in a world that roars

sought after treasure

half heart

I hear you speak

waves tumble half a world away

conch’s song

sculpture - Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux
sculpture – Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux

Today’s Carpe Diem prompt is  Shell. A treasure for so many of us as we scan the sands for the offerings of the sea.

Photography all images the copyrighted work of L. Moon 2013

28 thoughts on “The Sea’s Treasure #haiku #photography

  1. I live by the Gulf of Mexico so your post was a welcome and friendly sign. Thank you for following my blog. I have just begun my adventure into poetry and am following you as well. I hope to learn more.


    1. I like these Elliot. First, I’d rather see this adttiute than the hard-nose drive for earning money, to the exclusion of all else that matters in life. Second, it’s only money. I’ve lived my whole life with just enough and not much left over. It’s not too bad a way to go as long as you are fine with no extravagant vacations, oodles of electronic toys, fancy cars, etc. I’m not a miser but have great fun seeing how far i can stretch a dollar 🙂 Raised our whole family that way and everyone turned out just fine LOL


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