So many shells so little time #haiku #tanrenga


The goal of this Tan Renga Challenge is to complete the Tan Renga (short -chained poem) started with the haiku. To complete the Tan Renga you have to write the second stanza (7-7) by inspiration of the first stanza (the haiku; 5-7-5):

life from the sea
shipwrecked on the sand
so many shells

(Cathy Tenzo)

life from the sea
shipwrecked on the sand
so many shells

carefully carried away

by local inhabitants


A fun challenge encouraged by Kristjaan Panneman at Carpe Diem

Photography: The image of the hermit crab was shot by Emmanuel Lattes image permission by Arkive.Org


12 thoughts on “So many shells so little time #haiku #tanrenga

    1. um. i think this whole time i thought you were biisrth and really into american politics. i have no idea what put my crazy mind under that assumption, but send me a tub of this lotion and i will apply it to the apparent crack in my head for a speedy recovery.cheers, mate!


    1. Glad you managed to‘eek out’ a brief Haiku adnopst Mr. Linky ; )My ‘best laid plans’ were foiled when Blogger let me down in the wee hours’ while I slept, and didn’t publish my ‘scheduled’ Haiku Friday post at 12:04am. I apologize to anyone who tried to visit before I finally posted it myself a little after 5am. It IS up now however … and I’m back to try to visit as many Haiku posts as I can this morning. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!Hugs and blessings,storyteller’s last blog post..


  1. Congratulations on your four year anniversary. I am glad you are writing peotry. Thank you for visiting mine last week. I am a bit late, sorry. Please feel free to come back. Thank you,


  2. I have seen a shell-less hermit crab, anxiously going from shell to shell–searching for the perfect one. So little time to be that vulnerable. Hungry fish and turtles were searching too, hoping to find a tasty morsel with no shell!


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