Infirmity #photography #haiku

Release me

invisible chains confine

never to be free


The prompt at Carpe Diem today is Release

Photography: A Wheelchair © L. Moon 2013


20 thoughts on “Infirmity #photography #haiku

    1. Hello Janna,You are so right easy is our journey when we set our budrnes down and travel light. I think there is a haiku here somewhere and I shall post it as soon as possible and quote your comment Peace, Eric


  1. I once had a dear friend who was confined to a wheelchair and paralyzed. He never regained the use of his body but he managed to throw off the chains that bound his soul! This touched me deeply! Thank you!


    1. Some of my friends and family in wheelchairs were the freest people I have known while others in life let the invisible restrain them. I believe we all have times of constraint and times of release – thanks my friend


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