Love’s Flicker #haiku #love #photography

two leaves

The slightest touch

a knowing smile chuckles

always connected


always connected

hands clasped in the darkness

candle light knows


candle light knows

where love’s flicker started

there is no end

Photography © L. Moon 2013


5 thoughts on “Love’s Flicker #haiku #love #photography

  1. Always a pleasure
    Finding priceless words of life
    Heart echoes of joy
    Words of love inspire
    Treasures of letters find hearts
    Untold stories flow
    Thank you, Leslie for inspiring and delighting with your words


  2. Mitch Posted on That’s bad customer sericve all around; some people just don’t get it.a0 Of course, those of us who write blogs also deal with the conflict of whether to out someone who gives bad sericve or not, even though we never hesitate to mention someone who did us right.a0 Now there’s one to think about, isn’t it?Mitch’s last blog post..


  3. I think it’s not impossible but I agree it is very dliffcuit because generally you are doing it I think the wrong way round. I think it’s best if you have the image first and then work it out from there – although I know the haiga link in Japan I have ,for example, he does it the hard way 😉 takes the message first mostly from contributors and then adds his own images.


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