Giza #haiku #photography

Garden of the gods

history encased in sand

pharoah’s code

haiku code

Today’s prompt for Carpe Diem is the Pyramids of Giza. Can you guess the hieroglyphic code?

Photography images © L. Moon 2013


19 thoughts on “Giza #haiku #photography

    1. write haiku. You can roll two inspiration dice and write on that theme. I plyaed around with these last month and dug them out again tonight. Here’s what I came up with when I rolled [ die 1 ] and [ die


      1. deb, oh the do-overs! i’ve wieshd that too wieshd i could do the newborn phase all over again, knowing what i know now. i feel your words. i love that you and melody are in a different phase of parenting and have shared with the rest of us what can be. look at the man you have raised! you did good.xo


  1. The first is an enclosure and means an h letter
    The second is a vulture as an ‘ a’
    The third is a reed leaf or dual strokes which can be a ‘j’ or I/a
    The fourth is a basket and is the letter k
    The last could be a cobra hieroglyph making d or i
    so it is like haiku!
    Well done:)


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