My First Wheels #children #haiku #photography

Child’s Play – L. Moon

Candied apple drips

sticky hand grasps handle bars

I can’t let go


little hands and feet

stumbling in attempt to run

shoes are too big


I can’t let go

sweet memories that surround

little hands and feet


shoes seem too big

hands grasp the wheel and lever

jerk as the clutch pops

autumn imagination CD 8

This wonderful tricycle surrounded by fall is our Carpe Diem Inspiration. What do you remember about childhood?

I’m not sure I had a tri-cycle as a little one. We lived on a hill so I’m not sure have something without brakes would have been a good idea. It was tough learning how to skateboard and bike when I was older 🙂

13 thoughts on “My First Wheels #children #haiku #photography

  1. Great thoughts accompanying this photo! I love how you wrte.
    I had a red trike but my parents were so insanely overprotective I was kind of scared on it. So many of my young memories are shrouded with this anxiety. Things or activities that should have been fun were definitely overshadowed by my parents inability to relax!


  2. One day a hole will replace the rusty wire and etvnyehirg will be free to flow! I love to read text from visual artists on the process of art/photography if there is only a photo I feel I probably shouldn’t comment for some reason. Keep doing what you are doing and all will be well, I am sure.


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