For the love of… Food #poetry #photography

wine with the meal

My senses tell me first

something fragrant is stirring

I try not to imagine what the neighbor is cooking

my salivary glands haven’t a care they’re not looking

spicy, strong smells fill the air


carried away on a magic carpet

distant lands of curries and cayenne peppers

autumn colors of paprika and tumeric

dark green courgette, deep purple eggplant, and regal red onion’s sweet array

my imagination is teased with the colorful display


Camels loaded with untold wares

a caravan from the east

great cooks of the world plan their feast

impatiently I await gustatorial delights


Putting my watering  mouth into check

my rolled carpet beneath one arm

a Merlot to wet our lips

I gather my glass, green salad and my wits

always a welcome guest

magic carpet

The prompt at Verse First today is to write about food. I hope you can smell the spices as they take an Eastern journey.

21 thoughts on “For the love of… Food #poetry #photography

    1. Hi,Your kind and loving words for your best frneid made me cry you are so lucky!!Beautiful photos of Sam and my cousin Dallas! Your talent is just incredible!Endless respect and warmest regards,Janel


  1. I’m afraid cayenne is dangerous
    for weak hearts,
    Turmeric will numb you by its bitter taste,
    depends on the cook,
    take it easy before
    you get on that magic carpet,
    you’d be ready to whirl around,
    before you land!
    Courgette,egg plant and onion
    are tasty treats,a mere mention
    of them makes my mouth water!
    I enjoyed reading your post,thank you.


  2. ha! quite a take on the theme!! Lucky you to have such neighbours and well can I share some luck too there for I too have bit of that blessing:) and well yes with carpets or no carpets always a welcome guest! 🙂


    1. 105Your style is so unique in crsoaoimpn to other folks I’ve read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.


  3. Leslie, my first time here, thanks for posting to Poets United. I love how you used the neighbors’ cooking for inspiration, then rolled up your carpet from the East to sail away and write. This is a lovely take on the prompt, plus your listing of spices made my mouth water. Take-out curry tonight! Amy


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