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Touched by a promise #haiku #poetry #photography

This month we have enjoyed the inspiration of Gary Gay and his beautiful haiku:

in the darkness–
by a snowflake

(c) Garry Gay

fall leaves heart

touched by a promise

hope flutters to earth

shaped like a heart

Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem who delights us with challenging prompts

Photography the copyrighted work of L. Moon 2013

14 thoughts on “Touched by a promise #haiku #poetry #photography

      1. In the context of goals, the tghins to be accomplished are the smaller steps that make up what has to be done to accomplish the goals.One of the other common reminders for goals is to make them specific and measurable, which may result in them reading more like the tghins to be accomplished list.


  1. Touched
    in the darkness
    by a snow flake
    Beautiful poem and the photograph,showing the snow flake on the leaf.Only poets see natures beauty and are able to describe to us,especially me,who will never see this unless someone points it to me.Many thanks to Gary for the Haiku and you for posting it.


      1. Thanks Parisa! I posted it late on afnotreon (last week was a little crazy). The kids are still writing haikus all on their own it’s so cool how they have really gotten into it.


    1. hi Lynette.. welcome to Haiku Heights.. good to have u as part of the group for sure :)and yep, deietfnily can suggest ur prompts.. will be using one of them soon surely! 😀


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