Await Spring #poetry #photography #haiku

It’s time for a new episode of Carpe Diem’s Kamishibai, or our haibun feature. The goal is to write a haibun about a given theme with a few rules. A haibun is prose and poetry entwined.

1st : You have to use the next five words: flowers; full moon; celebrating; winter and breeze

2nd : Maximum 500 words;

3rd : At least two new haiku, senryu, tanka or kyoka.

We sit and await cold wintery night  where darkness overshadows the light

Warming bodies by a fire. We must wear thick wool attire.

Colors all fade to grey, stealing the warmth of day,


Imaginations stay awake and beckon “do not hibernate.”

Contemplate life’s awakening with golden thoughts of spring

hint of spring

flower hold fast

celebrate triumphant life

spring’s first light

Ag scene spring 2010

victors of spring

mountain’s breeze brushes your cheek

blushing pink

spring field

Sun’s radiant smile

 touch of  winter’s full moon

field a bloom


7 thoughts on “Await Spring #poetry #photography #haiku

  1. For a moment I thought I was supposed to use those words,but you have done it,thank you.I like how you can use the most common words into something that sounds so musical, Bravo!


    1. Awareness is important too. We have to find our own balcane which can be really difficult some days as it feels like explosions are going off. You are very welcome for the rose I keep a stash of them in my email for special messages ! xx


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