Keep Your Head #flashfiction #nablopomo


Just past the doors, there was something going on. There were deliveries of crates day and night.

One delivery guy got lost and walked into a  room full of male statues.

“I guess it’s gonna be a museum.” He scratched his head.

“Put him up over the lintel of the front door,” she smiled lustfully at the handsome face of Hermes.

“His head seems to hold up the building,” one passerby remarked.

He wanted to write home to Pericles, “Be careful, my young friend, never to piss off a Roman goddess. They need one of us to lead Athens.”


Pericles and Hermes shared two things: they were both Greek and they were both orators. Neither seemed able to keep their head…


This week’s prompt takes a classical bent Rochelle the curator at Friday Fictioneers.

Photography courtesy of: Al Forbes and Ancient History.about .com

22 thoughts on “Keep Your Head #flashfiction #nablopomo

    1. Those in power must keep themselves reavelnt.The worst thing that ever happened to this country is the advent of a sitting congress……..who is always sitting. Many states have Legislatures that only meet for about 4-5 months every other year.During the time between meetings the state itself debates the necessity of certain things and then when the legislature is finally in session only the most important topics are addresses and their is not much time to address these concerns.Unlike congress who is in session year round they just meddle and meddle and meddle and now you got legislation that is intended to fix legislation that was designed to fix other broken legislation which was broke from other legislation.Congress will never stop meddling and will never be convinced that all 535 of them can climb into a giant bucket and lift themselves UP TO GOD.


  1. I like this, and the history you gave is awesome. I had to have a look to see if Pericles was one of the other heads that were with him, but he wasn’t.


  2. I went into this reading it as a modern setting but by the end realized that I was wrong. I hope Pericles’ head isn’t in one of the other boxes….


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