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Monsters Unleased

What’s Breathing Down Your Neck????

Do you like horror that is told from a monster’s point of view?
Perhaps you like being sucked into the story (lost could be a better word.) Timothy’s Hobbs draws you, the reader, deeper and deeper into the dark halls of horror. Hobbs’ monsters claim “you will never be the same.”

I have to admit that I am still just getting my feet wet when it comes to horror (and my legs gnawed on.) Sure I’ve read the classical works but until I joined Pen of the Damned I knew not of the excellent, well thought out  horror that is being penned and published today. I was recently introduced to Timothy and his fine writing through Visionary Press.

I hope you enjoy this short interview about Tim and his work of Horror. I understand that anyone who leaves a comment on this blog has the chance to win a gift pack of Tim’s books** from Visionary Press. All of his works are available through Amazon.


 Where does your inspiration for writing horror come from? 

My brother, who was ten years my senior, introduced me to horror literature and movies. In fact, I learned to read before going to school from his Classic’s Illustrated comic books, the main one being Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. His influence was the original source for my inspiration. Dreams do also figure in my writing as does just observing the actions of people in different situations.

 Can you tell me  about your Once Upon a Time in Texas series:

I originally published my novel The Pumpkin Seed through Vamplit Publishing in The United Kingdom. My second submission to them was The Smell of Ginger, which was an updated retelling of Hansel and Gretel in a Texas setting. My editor at Vamplit, Gaynor Stenson, liked the story and suggested I write more fairy tale reimaginings set in Texas and entitle the collection Once Upon a Time in Texas. To date I have two more novels in the series – Music Box Sonata, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and Maiden Fair, a reimagining of Sleeping Beauty of the Woods. I am currently researching the next one which will be a Texas take on The Little Mermaid.

What classic horror inspired / inspires you?

Two novels really inspired me to start writing. The first one I read was The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore, and the second was Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A collection of short stories originally published in 1944 by The Modern Library, Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, served as a handbook for me as far as writing in the horror and supernatural genre when I was a boy and still does today.

If you could be a monster, what would you be?

A werewolf. Not as suave as some classy vampires, but rather a more visceral, ferocious, primitive force of horror. You can sit down and play chess, talk politics, and even discuss the deeper meanings of life and the afterlife with a certain type of vampire, but a werewolf would only have one thing to discuss with you – Dinner!


Hmm you gotta love werewolves –  those toothy, hairy beasts. Thanks so much to Tim (Grimm) Hobbs for taking time out of his writing schedule to share a bit more about his writing. I’m going to sit on the edge of my seat (waiting impatiently) for more of the “Once Upon a Time in Texas” series. There are so many fairy-tales to horrorize. Keep an eye out for a new release in 2014 with Angelic Knight Press.

Music Box Sonata published by Visionary Press


 Beware the human occupant who lives hidden in the cellar of  a derelict church. He is cursed: never to walk in the  sunlight,  to roam the woods on the cliff at night in the form of a hideous beast, struggling with the desire to kill while striving to preserve his humanity.
Music Box Sonata is the second in a series (“Once Upon a Time in Texas”)  of must read dark variations of popular fairy tales.

The Smell of Ginger published by Visionary Press

The sell of ginger

Here’s a cozy Halloween Tale:
Butch and Suzy didn’t count on the truck breaking down, getting lost in the woods, or coming across an ordinary old cabin.
But there’s nothing ordinary about the two sisters who have been waiting for children to call their “own.”
Pumpkin Seed published by Visionary Press
“I am a drinker of human blood and an eater
of human flesh,invewrted seed a monster dressed in the skin of a man.”
So states Charles, the main character of Pumpkin Seed.
There’s more to this monster story: insect vectors, viruses, terror in India.
Will human-kind survive?

For those of you unfamiliar with Visionary Press check us out. We are a co-operative publishing house who believes in the writer.


the monsters are behind you!!!

an eye

**For the giveaway: Please leave a comment in the comment box. At the end of the blog tour, names will be drawn for a prize package from all the blogs in the tour. The prize package is paperback copies of: The Pumpkin Seed and Music Box Sonata. These will be mailed from Createspace, so make sure there is a way to to obtain your mailing address

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