Defying Winter #poetry #photography #nature

winter shadows

Caught in a storm

crystallized blue wings

between barren limbs

searching for warmth


a cold mocking call

small shivers

the bold whisper

“No, I carry life!”

saving beauty’s songs to sing


shaking off icy arrows

cold dance continues

no warm hearth

scorn of winter’s blanket 

berries few and withered 

prevail I must

til spring

8 thoughts on “Defying Winter #poetry #photography #nature

    1. Kristen, thank you for your videos. You are an inaosritipn for me to live better, love my kids more, try just a little harder.I followed you last year when you became homeless but I had no idea that you were so you hid it well I had just moved into a town home with room and could have shared what extra I had with you. I see your success by the look on your children when you are with them. They never looked like they were missing anything. Take care and know that people do look up to you.Bill


  1. We have recently flaeln on hard times. My husband served in the Army for over 7 years and was injured in an Oil Refinery in 2009. He has not been cleared by workman’s comp doctors to return to work. His W.C. benefits and state disability benefits have run out and now we are unable to pay rent and are at risk of becoming homeless. We called the 1-800-4AID-Vet number to ask for assistance, and they were quick to respond, but they were also quick to tell my husband that they cannot help unless WE ARE HOMELESS. Can anyone offer me advice as to why even the web page says if you are at risk of becoming homeless, to give the number a call and they will be able to help. I find it rather strange that the VA is lying to Veterans when they say if that are AT RISK of becoming homeless the VA can help. Any advice as to how to break this system, would be great. Thanks in advance!


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