Don’t Look Back #poetry #photography #relationships

Those are my bridges burning

in the rear view mirror

deep breath

 someday it will end

Rocks to climb

they are before us

we’ll get hurt

through life’s turns and bends

desert rocks

put away the thoughts

that are behind now

that pain can never


keep driving toward


the clouds promise

clearing rain

Golden Mesa

then one day

look in the mirror

reach for beauty

once out of range

dance in moonlight

embrace the forest

new life

blots out old stains

pink rose

Each week Poet’s United provides great prompts. This week the prompt is mirror. Susan also encouraged us to integrate a true story. poets united

Photography: All images were taken on a trip along Route 66 (a southern highway in U.S.)

30 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back #poetry #photography #relationships

  1. Route 66! I knew it had to be more beautiful than the old TV sitcom! Wow. They seriously illustrate your point. I love the proximity of the burning bridges in the rear view during the push forward. Eventually comes the time in our journey when we can look back and enjoy–or forgive–who and where we were. I like the breakdown of that journey into three stages though while we’re living it, it seems like many more.


  2. I think we cannot regret what we see in that rearview mirror. That is our past, for better or worse. The thoughts and the experiences cannot any longer be relived. Good to aim for / reach out for the beauty ahead….and look forward to the ‘new life.’ Very nice!


  3. __I wrote a short story in 2003; a Mahican native boy chased, each night of the full moon, his shadow, One night he caught that shadow and it disappeared, but in glancing over his shoulder, he became aware of that “Contrary” shadow, that which left behind. From than instant forward, he was always conscious of his “Contrary” shadow… and how it may have affected others.

    __Nice work here, thanks for charging my memory! _m


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