Broken Vow #poetry #photography


Words whispered in candle light

trust of one

vows spoken

perhaps intentionally taken

by one

long stem roses

often sent

no reason given

who were they to?

red with guilt

vow given

twisted thorns

agreement sealed

the last petal falls

in blood


9 thoughts on “Broken Vow #poetry #photography

  1. And it hurts like hell too. And you bleed for a long long time and weep and weep. And it is really really hard to trust again. And I’m not healed yet either. But I’m getting there and so are you. Keep writing about it . . .


    1. I love poetry because it allows people to feel what they need to feel. I hope I never completely forget if it allows others to let some of the steam off. Thanks for the comment – wishing you the best Stormcat


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