Tribute to a Smile #poetry #photography #smiles

If only I could cast away the pain

with a word

or a phrase

 holding back the rain

with a red umbrella

If only I could lie here

surrounded by down pillows

candlelight glow

 catching every tear

in a crystal bottle

If only we could dance before the moon

white cascade

billowing at our feet

snowflakes in silver spoon

reflecting smiles

If only I could scatter like confetti

rain, tears, snow

like laughter it would go

starlight always ready

into a joyful world

My youngest is a child no longer. Happy Birthday H!!!!

5 thoughts on “Tribute to a Smile #poetry #photography #smiles

  1. Little kids and their gorgeous smiles can win hearts but unfortunately cannot take away their pain.You have expressed it so beautifully. I hope some day your words will change their fate.


  2. The only sad moment in my life was when my son reached the age of nine. I realized that when he was with me as long as he had already been with me, he would be eighteen and gone. College. Jobs. Marriage. Family. He would always be mine but never my little boy anymore.


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