Can’t You See the Hunger? #poetry #homeless

Your large eyes

wide open like saucers

empty hands

longing to be held

one look into the world

you can feel it


a gasp

needing to be expelled


Have your lips

tasted more than sawdust?

Has your heart been over filled

with warmth?

Do you circle life

in desperation

ever seeking shelter from

life’s storm


Raise your head

never stop your seeking

don’t give way

to darkness and despair

there’s a sunrise, golden

that is peaking

over hope’s horizon

where you’ll be held and fed

I’m trying to address homelessness from many angles. This poem looks straight into the eyes of those who have so little. There is much a person can endure with hope. Without hope however even the best of situations can readily disintegrate.

Inspired by Poet’s United Mid Week Motif Prompt Hunger.

Images © L. Moon 2014

15 thoughts on “Can’t You See the Hunger? #poetry #homeless

  1. Oh, I can SO picture those eyes wide open like saucers. That is the ultimate look of hunger to me. So true that, with hope, one can endure much….but without hope, there is little to live for.


  2. __The dimension of hunger is World wide, and since time began… too, World wide, there have been we that care and give aid. You have written heartfully that caring… . As ever, _m.

    a mother’s search
    to feed her starving child
    each crum


  3. This morning while researching, I went through dozens of images of homeless addicts living in the Hunts Point neighborhood of NYC. And this afternoon your poem steps into the same vein. I am amazed by life’s synchronicities.


  4. This one touches to the bone. I do hope there will be love and food with that rising sun peaking. Homeless, but hopefully not hopeless.

    Homeless Man, where do you go
    when autumn winds begin to blow?
    Where do you sleep when streets are covered with snow?
    Take this dollar from my hand, Homeless Man

    Thinking of you often, Dearest Moonie with love and sunshine. Sending hugs your way.



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