There’s No You! #Valentinesday #love #heart #poetry #roses

sun-kissed were those days

and nights

dreams could not compete

with you

regrets fan like

War and Peace

you left

I became a fool

my favorite glance

into the past

your eyes

they sparkle blue

the knowing smile

upon your lips

I’m lost

what should I do?

I held one futile

aching heart


ripped beyond repair

revive, cannot

the petals dead

red roses

that lie bare


I always was

I’m here

but you aren’t there

8 thoughts on “There’s No You! #Valentinesday #love #heart #poetry #roses

  1. Your poem reveals your feeling beautifully, you are such an artist, I don’t know of anyone who could express their thoughts any better!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Leslie.


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