Her Name is Crimea #Ukraine #poetry


a yellowed, antique lace veil

shivers in the breeze

once worn by her babushka

she fingers the edges lovingly

grateful her once blue eyes

now opaque having seen too much


ancient green fields waved

once welcoming mariners

adventurers from distant lands

now scarred and impotent

 battleships crouch as lions

poised, ready for action


limp and lifeless flag

tattered blue and yellow

 an emblem of a scourged, reclaimed land

freed from cold, iron curtains

no breeze left to breathe into life

red machinations alone stir the air

Ukrainian Flag is an image I found on Andrey Bondarchuks’s facebook page. by Kaska Szapska.

9 thoughts on “Her Name is Crimea #Ukraine #poetry

  1. Very … what? – touching? evocative? attention-grabbing?
    All of those, but there is a word I want that’s gone out of my senile brain. I’ll wake up in three days and remember it. 😦


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