Blossoms in the Breeze #poetry #haiku #photography

dew kissed haiku

As the seasons turn

we await beauty’s face

 open to the sun

jubilant  welcome


we close the door

release winter’s icy cling

let us celebrate

the warmth of spring

This week at Poet’s United the prompt is Happy Birthday (to something or someone) . Tomorrow, I celebrate the birth of spring and the removal of my cast!

poets united

32 thoughts on “Blossoms in the Breeze #poetry #haiku #photography

  1. We were on the same wavelength this morning, I see……..spring is especially welcome this year, I suspect, for so many. Glad you are getting your cast off. Sorry to know you have been broken and recovering. I had missed that info somehow…….take good care, especially of your “new” arm.


  2. There definitely is so much to celebrate on the first day of spring. It is a time of rebirth. Your poem speaks to that. Good you will have your cast removed. Another reason to celebrate.


  3. That’s a perfect birthday to celebrate, Leslie. Unfortunately, I think she’s going to be late to her birthday party here this year. We have snow in the forecast tomorrow! Seems unending this year. Didn’t know you had a cast. Bet it will be wonderful to have that off. Hope the recovery goes smoothly and well for you!


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