If Love is a Language #poetry #poem #photography

my sandy heart
my sandy heart

If love is a language

it is spoken with the eyes

candle lit low

that look can not be disguised


if love is a language

it is spoken with the lips

red hot spice

etched with fingertips


if love is a language

it is strongest on one’s knees

caught on the four winds

inhaling salty breeze


 if love is a language 

I could never dare to speak

words that I’d rather 

whisper in the deep

vacation 038


Je t’aime avec mes …


What language do you speak love in???

In two or more languages is the Poet’s United prompt.

poets united


18 thoughts on “If Love is a Language #poetry #poem #photography

  1. Thank you giving this beautiful piece of poetry to us… je t’aime, moi aussi, c’est mieux en français … I prefer it in French, much more romantic than any other language…Well done!!!


      1. Thanks, please do not misunderstand, I have been through unbelievable moments only with English… French sounds romantic…


  2. __So much to love’s language: a word spoken; a thought, sensed; unsaid trust; moments, selflessly given; eyes that brighten; a touch; a nod; a smile above the hurt, to understand the hurt.


  3. oh it is def strongest on ones knees, that is for sure…love is a language not too many master….it needs only the words required, but is spoken in so many other different ways….


  4. Fabulous poem, I love it–the beginning made me think of the old Burt Bacharach song–Dusty Springfield was one who made it a hit. (The Look of Love)


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