50 (give or take) Ways to Leave … #flashfiction



Dark and stormy were her eyes as she got  took off on his Harley.

Her long blonde hair, caught by the breeze, waved a teasing “goodbye.”

He knew her red lips were pursed into resolve. 

The knife aimed at her heart just missed.

A pertinent song played as the bartender poured a tall one.

He raised his glass looking down the dark road.



“Hit the cancel key, Lee

and get yourself F-R-E-E”

Galen, There’s always another bend in the road of life (music perhaps)

wishing you the best

enjoy the next phase of life…



The photograph is one taken by my talented friend Terrence Jones.


13 thoughts on “50 (give or take) Ways to Leave … #flashfiction

  1. Moon? Like the Phoenix She Rises from the ashes!
    What a very pleasant suprise seeing you for the Grand Finale.
    It’s been a Roller-Coaster ride of emotions today, thanks for the Good Bye 55
    Many of my current contributers today were met on the old One-Stop blog, and I thank
    you for helping make that all possible.
    You are one of the most caring, creative, and poetic people that I have ever met
    You are missed sorely amongst the gang….And me.
    Thanks for this last parting shot….best wishes to YOU and your new life
    Oh yeah…Have a Kick Ass Week-End…G


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