Flower Child #photography #poetry #mothersday

water child

A silent offering

 made before you can form words

a dance between your face

colored flecks of bliss


Little fingers filled with offering

no words necessary

love fills your eyes

daisy fairy princess


A never ending offering

 from generation to the next

sweet daisies in your grasp

they match your yellow dress

little daisies

What would Mother’s day be without children?

This poem is for the children of our heart who pick flowers when they think of us.

The prompt for today at Poet’s United – Children

“The gain is not the having of children; it is the discovery of love and how to be loving.”

~Polly Berrien Berands

21 thoughts on “Flower Child #photography #poetry #mothersday

  1. Bravo, moondustwriter. I added you to the Poets United Linky so others can get here. I love poem and pics especially the idea of the flower child offering in hand, the daisies! What a gift–the love–as well as the flowers!


  2. The gift of flowers from a child is a very special gift indeed. My granddaughter used to present me with dandelions. I hope she never grows too old for that.


  3. I remember my mum used to have special, very small vases particularly for whatever tiny flowers I’d bring home (that usually never lasted more than a day or so)… This is so lovely!


    1. I always picked flowers on the journey home for my mum. My cousin had the name “flower child” for the child who was called by the blossoms and heart to bring home beauty in the form of a flower.


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