Retreaded Spoils #children #poetry


Cheap like retread tires

flying off into the distance

oh, you so soon forgotten

what did you stand for?

you could not have had feelings

for who would tread over humanity?

no one feels anymore

certainly not girls

whose wasted lives

embraced at the slave block

the pivotal point

where statesmen make lofty speeches

in the shadows of no one listening


Malala a school girl who understands the issue over the Nigerian school girls urges action.

6 thoughts on “Retreaded Spoils #children #poetry

  1. Dear Leslie,
    This poem of yours is so difficult to understand, one moment I think I know what it means next moment it feels, it has so much depth, a person like me has to read several times before I can truly comprehend.I do love the sound of it. Your work can be compared to Iqbal’s, in my mind.


    1. Forgive my anger as I wrote this piece. It is an affront that these girls and their plight just became a “talking point” for politicians. I have been waiting for weeks to see when the abduction would be mentioned – more than three weeks when we have access to information instantly is an atrocity!


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