Inert Love #poetry #addiction


line of pills

Lustful I think of you

crystal twinkle in my eyes

captivated by the smile you put on my face

nothing for you I wouldn’t do


cannot shake you from my thoughts

you in my every mention

impatiently wait in line

your love have I sought


mistress of my nights

lover of my days

nervous I anticipate

without you there’s  cloudy haze


I lay wrapped within the seams

a bottle in my arms

you  have addictive charm

inert you never dream


How easy is it for us to become addicted?

How hard to be unencumbered?

5 thoughts on “Inert Love #poetry #addiction

  1. Never quite been all the way there, but have been very close… And I know that my mother wouldn’t last without her medication – but don’t know if that is from the actual pain for which she is taking the medication for or from addiction. *sigh* It’s a tricky subject how to control the release from pain without letting the release control you. Beautifully written!


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