Just me and my bike #poetry #photography #life




They seemed so sturdy

flimsy red

and three wheels

speeding swiftly

off to change the world

and make ice cream

like horses they carried us

 we fought  dragons

stepped on the moon


We advanced to two

larger, faster

we flew free in our dreams

on a rocket ship

down hills

on rims of steel

we rode further

covered galaxies

rode centuries



the new word for a work out

faithful friend

my La monde in a corner

while I strap in to  metal

running from the monsters

hiding in pockets of fat

it’s a bike of sorts

but where did my dreams go???


Cheers to Poet’s United Wednesday Motif for today’s prompt “Bicycle” a beloved friend since three!

What memories do you share with a bicycle???

24 thoughts on “Just me and my bike #poetry #photography #life

  1. Ah, so much wonderful nostalgia, and such a horrid image of what we’ve turned into… *sigh* Beautifully penned!


  2. Ha! I see what you mean, but we can dream and have fantasy travels still as well as mobile. it’s the real and near places we can’t get to without trains plains and automobiles. Bikes were so OUTDOORS! But when we were out there, I know we weren’t thinking about monster fat! Your poem spurred me to think! Thank you!


    1. Bikes really do take us to a different outdoors. I wish I had a photograph of my ride in the country through a cattle drive. The rancher finally pulled us out of the middle of 150 head not sure what his cows would think of a mechanical horse. Great times are always had on our bikes. Thank you so much for prompting this spring of memories


  3. The bicycle has been our connection to the world, and our grounding. And yet we stay in motion. Dreams take flight on bikes of their own. When we’re grown, they become memories!


  4. Ah, this reminds me of my childhood. I remember thinking of bicycles as rocket ships as well. We used to ‘blast off’ by looking at the electrical usage dials. When it reached zero off we would go into places unknown on our bikes. I love thinking about the imagination of our bike games.


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