Where Did I Lose My Name? #poetry #travel

new name


Somewhere between LAX, Charlotte  and Baltimore

I lost my identity

in the airplane engine’s intake

(or in the Starbuck’s line)

I was sucked in

spun about

spit out on a cup

what remains are three letters

that don’t belong to me

I finger them

striving for meaning

squinting for an answer

“L” always a sexy letter

that looks better curvy

saying “linger on my loops”

“I” is almost floating away

in a cloud of after thought

at 30,000 feet

“Z” a backwards s

the sound buzzes through your teeth

rather than hisses

and where am I?

Drowning in remembrance

attached to another name?

or talking in strange tones

after too much helium?

gather up your bags

whoever you are

there is  another leg to life’s journey

regardless of the name


Ever had your name spelled wrong? Been called something else? How do you respond?

11 thoughts on “Where Did I Lose My Name? #poetry #travel

  1. My name is spelled wrong all the time,in my original country they couldn’t pronounce it,here they always put an ‘R’ which does not belong, I once told them if they spelled my name wrong they wouldn’t be able to get through. Some got it others don’t. I’ve given up trying to correct them. Your poem about the name is really very interesting Leslie,thank you for the lovely poem.


  2. when I was a sophomore in HS I was constantly being called Toni by this gal who thought my name was Antionette – drove me nuts but when she threatened to punch me out because I was lying to her.. I figured what the heck, who cares and I became Toni


  3. __Well… they listed the “L” properly and, of course, the “L” might indicate Lunar. I suppose your name could have been mis-heard as, Lizlie? Me? I really like “Moonie!”
    __Keep on, keepin’ on, and havin’ fun, Moonie! Best wishes, as always, _m.


  4. Loved this and what you did with that moment of renaming! My oldest daughter wouldn’t respond to her teachers when they called her by the wrong name! She’s kind of feisty.


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