Believe In Change #poetry #Crimea

SB Pier

Rise up say your piece

unite for a cause

stem unreason’s tide

truth above the laws

hold back foolish notions

punish not our beliefs

this cause may seem deranged

 generations filled with grief


with unrest we can’t sleep

we are in need of change

no silence we will keep

set things in motion

stop machination’s jaws

people side by side

upend meaningless clause

our world in need of peace


The ESL work I did in Crimea was over the summer.

I would be preparing now to leave.

Where are those students today?

Who knows?




The Poet’s United Midweek Motif is prompting poets to write about public protest.

Poets and artists have always had a voice that rings truth.

What do you feel strongly about?

I am saddened by news coming out of Crimea.





25 thoughts on “Believe In Change #poetry #Crimea

  1. “Atlas” (we all)_ need to stop shrugging.
    __We the uneducated “Common People,” shrug at, and blindly follow the decisions of the “Educated Councils.”
    __In today’s age, we’ve become fearful that, the “Educated Councils” choice of >context< in their interpretations of that which we had written, will suit only the anylist's view; yet, we cannot stop questioning their secrets.
    __So many of we… the "Common People" do care!

    through your pen
    bring to light injustices



  2. Poets have a bigger voice than any one, they can incite people against injustice ,which is happening in Crimea now. Poet and Philosopher Iqbal was able to do it in India, when his people had almost given up.


  3. Can your ex-students see this encouraging poem? I find it positive because it acknowledges the dangers of standing up while urging it. Your voice stands out here. Thank you for returning to post this poem.


  4. Thanks for caring enough to memorialize. Like so many conflicts round the world, real lives are caught in the balance. We see numbers when we should see beating hearts.


  5. ‘stop machination’s jaws’ ~ sadly it’s hard to stop them once they started to chaw…~ but I belief in world’s influence on the situation…thanks


  6. there is injustice everywhere and with this motif, I have realized we as poets also can help out with our writings. I truly enjoyed your piece as you said, “we can’t sleep, we are in need of change.” There’s that word: Change. 🙂


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