Two Ends of Life #death #birth #haiku #photography

awaiting birth

light shifts on forest floor

silent together


silent together

hands held through the night

his last breath


The prompt at Carpe Diem today is “Oneness.” I have just witnessed a wonderful oneness at the edge of death.

What thoughts or images does the word inspire in you?



29 thoughts on “Two Ends of Life #death #birth #haiku #photography

  1. This is a beauty Leslie … you have given words to your experience with oneness. To me oneness is the ribbon which binds us, haiku-poets at CDHK, together … oneness is all and everything around us … nice response …


  2. This poem, my friend, makes me think of a young husband I once knew who said that the feelings he had, holding his wife’s hand as she died, were exactly the same feelings he had holding her hand as their son was born………at the edge of mystery, it seems to all be touching the same thing……


  3. Continued speedy and lasting recovery. On the edge there are endings and beginnings – horizons are like that. We are always arriving somewhere and leaving something behind.

    Thanks for stopping by the lone lily. We had a death recently – And the fern…I have some too. Continue to be inspired! Cheers, Jules.


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