The Artist’s Eye #Art #poetry #photography

stole beauty

Memories of too short a moment spent with you

your view of beauty expansive  revealing

I am tuned to a sensual ballet

you see the  dancer’s 2nd performance

Georgia O’Keeffe though not your style

unveils passers by to a flower’s identity

whether overstated as the magnolia

or silent in her fragrant dance

your work a bit on the dark side

beauty you capture from within

your subjects never beautiful

for then there is nothing to draw from

no need to look to subject or soul

where do you reside when in-between canvases

your mind now hidden more and more in shadow

but for a moment I saw

beauty spoken before the first application of paint

 years standing still in an artist’s eyes


Blue Morning Glories (1935) by Georgia O’Keeffe

On rare occasion do I explain a poem. This poem is about an Alice in Wonderland type afternoon spent with a gifted artist. This man I believe once quite well known in NYC now suffers Parkinsons and dementia. He thought I was a writer from a New York Magazine. If in his jumbled memory, he could go back to those moments where his art was admired then I hope he can remember those  moments we spent as special. We studied this magnolia blossom (above) and gave a short lesson in art appreciation to someone in passing. One very telling comment he made “I never chose beautiful women as subjects. Then there is nothing to paint. I rather chose subjects where I can pull out elements of beauty.” Had I not been at this center to spend time with a dying loved one, I would have relished more moments with this artist who I only know as “Roberts.”

8 thoughts on “The Artist’s Eye #Art #poetry #photography

  1. thoroughly enchanted with everything here.. the visuals, the words, the stories and the wisdom… thank you so much


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