Rabbit Hole #poetry #photography


Scampering off toward life’s forest

wily fox in hot pursuit

 I, more than casual onlooker

as your steps affect lasting fate


innocence may be your destruction

nibbling away at fresh grass

darkness lurks in the shadows

you look aware much too late


what I watch from the screen door

 hopes of holding back the rain

unheeded are warning’s whispers

lesson’s lost beyond garden’s gate

Life's gate


What lurks beyond the garden gate???

12 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole #poetry #photography

      1. That’s what poetry is for – reading your life or perspective between the lines. I was in a sad mood watching a bunny being spared by his mother and thinking about what a mother will do for her children…


  1. Takes me back to when I lived in the Ozarks. I used to watch rabbits on my lawn. My cats would try to catch them but the little browns were much too fast and wary.


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