Gone, Not Forgotten #fathersday #poetry


Many of us have lost fathers over the years. This poem was written for those faithful dads.


Driving down the road

of missing you

when I see an old T-Bird

I catch a tear or two


I wasn’t old

 first set of ups and downs

riding life’s carousel

you taught me how


I switched from trike

on foggy hills

two wheeled wobble

start of uncontrollable thrills


A ball of string

I could unwind

but the end of it

I’d never find


Love is like that

it’s up and all around

but there was always a dad

to pick me off the ground



This archived poem I am posting for Father’s Day for a man who was my father by example. Ken passed away this month and can never be replaced for the handfuls of children he  made a difference to!

Today I thought of him

brought some smiles and tears

man who walked by my side

making  adjustments

in my stride


As a child,

he was there

held the bike, nail,

and spare


Gave me words

for living well

routed my accomplishments

watched patiently when I fell


Now he’s gone.

Where do I turn?

Some days I ponder

fall back  on  what I learned


My life will always have a place

Where he belongs

I’m the person I am today

because of that man

who has gone away


la la land 099


20 thoughts on “Gone, Not Forgotten #fathersday #poetry

  1. Grand, and thankful memories!
    __My father always said: “List your errors, and you must take another step. ” His meaning there was, we all fail… but the greatest failure is not trying. _m


  2. God bless men whose hearts are big enough to father many children. I know some men like that, one of whom raised thirty foster children along with his own brood. He died a year ago and leaves a legacy of love behind. I am glad Ken was there for you, Leslie. He sounds wonderful.


    1. some stand in the stead of the biological father with purpose and make a profound impact. Thanks Sherry. I am grateful for the man who took the time to be the father that my father chose not to be


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