Mill Creek #haiku #poem #photography


two flow into one

bubbling over with springtime

tomorrow’s  reflection


The prompt at Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem is Creek. Do you have a creek that you can relax by?


13 thoughts on “Mill Creek #haiku #poem #photography

  1. Lovely haiku once again. Never thought that sitting by a river and thinking, we’re always thinking of tomorrow – spot on. There aren’t many creeks around here in Melbourne, we only have a large river in the city and it’s always noisy around. Best to take a train an hour or so away out to the suburbs to relax 🙂


  2. There’s a stream/creek in Wyoming where I like to go and I love to ride horseback next to it, as the sound is so soothing and there’s lovely shade. The sound of water is very relaxing. I like the “bubbling over with springtime.”



    1. I think I have ridden past the same stream (in california). you feel the cool flowy speech of a world so removed from the modern bustle. I sure miss those rides. take one for me please, Janet.


  3. Two creeks flowing into one, the start of a river?

    The moon cannot help being so far away, and the creek covered by trees – Each does what they can. I guess I won, being able to see them both.


    1. Yes – where I live we actually have three that come together. It is really beautiful in spring but it also made me think of a healthy relationship.
      I am glad you got to view the beauty of both – the creek and the moon knew that you peeked in on them both 🙂


  4. I don’t have a creek to relax at, but on a 5 minutes-walk from my home we have a great lake. That’s my ‘creek’ to sit at, dreaming away on the sound of the waves and the cry of seagulls … nice haiku Leslie.


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