Welcome Summer #poetry #photography #solstice

Blushing rose


How long you have hidden

averted your face

the cold winter presence

no longer a trace

you hoped for the sunshine

dreamed of the day

fling back the shutters

blow kisses and play

finger the dew drops

on velvety skin

beauty is open

a light from within

fear not the darkness

revel in today

warmth you are clothed in

fan dance in sun’s gaze

The prompt for Poet’s United Midweek Motif is in celebration of the Solstice on June 20 the contrast of Light and Dark.

What does light and dark symbolize to you?


Author: moondustwriter

Thank you for visiting Moondustwriter. In 2019, we started working with an E. African team developing elementary curriculum for African children. As a writer, it is a thrill to help children who want to learn. As a bio major and nurse, it is exciting to use my knowledge to encourage young minds to love science. I've been part of the blogging community for more than 10 years. Some old timers may remember the award winning (2011 Twitter Shorty ) blog community - One Stop Poetry. I was the co-producer of that fast growing blog community. I am a published writer, poet, artist and photographer. I have written, as well as edited, for periodicals, radio, blogs and fellow writers. There are many facets to this moon - thanks for stopping by.

31 thoughts on “Welcome Summer #poetry #photography #solstice”

  1. I am not always in a position to show my admiration as to how pleased I am to read your posts, they are so meaningful and beautiful, I find myself repeating the same words, which becomes quite boring but I’ll have to repeat this poem shows what an extraordinary gift you have. Thank you Leslie.


  2. ha. the sun will def set us alive again…to dance in its rays….to feel so alive again….a relief from the long winter…and reason to work out the kinks…..enjoy that sun leslie…


  3. Lovely!!!! To have a “fan dance in sun’s gaze” is a joyful image, especially if you love the moon dust. Have no fear–here is the day you’ve been waiting for! I love the switch from past to present tense in this poem, emphasizing the cold of winter truly has gone.


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