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Cut Purse #elderabuse #poetry


sunny smile as they wheel her

away from sterile and white

another day she has borrowed

the meaning of life


the weeks she has counted

four weeks on one hand

the letters unwritten

envelopes left unstamped


back to her home now

to a box full of cards

people known just by name

soldiers distant and far


the cards they are missing

the stamps locked away

her children in the background

in agreement on this day


no more to write letters

 a costly enterprise

we will save so much money

her purse never a large prize


 her tears fall on parchment

not the old paper kind

her hands left to wither

as well as her mind


Repentant Magdalene - De La Tour 1640 oil


This poem is based on a letter I read of an infirmed woman who delighted in writing letters to soldiers far from home or in hospital. Her children decided that her way of spending her days was too pricey so they took away her stamps and writing materials.

Art: “Repentant Magdalen” Georges De la Tour


I am inspired by my friend Charles Martin and a poem he just about widows.

18 thoughts on “Cut Purse #elderabuse #poetry

  1. so often people think of abuse as simply physical and this is a poignant and eye opening reminder that this type of abuse is not only as cruel but more than likely more prevalent. it reminds me of my marriage years ago and why I left..


  2. oh wow – you are a great writer – and this was wonderful and yet so sad – which I guess goes with a good piece – ❤
    and how sweet that you would have sent her stamps (***heart tug***)


  3. How very sad that they thought this was a help.

    We kept Mom and Dad at home as long as we could in their house with their things. Quality of life is so important. They must be allowed to keep things they enjoy.

    Thanks for coming by to visit. Your comment was much appreciated.


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