Dear Diary #writing #poetry


I lost you somewhere along the way

my constant companion

you caught my tears, held my fears

and always listened

without  copious amounts of useless advice

 confidence held between your binding


I had to suffer

(we both realized) it was part of the metamorphosis

the crucible set on high

burning away the dross

removing my misconceptions

purifying and readying


you were thrown in the fire

 charred and scarred

 ink smeared and melted

I no longer need parchment page

the memory is embossed

a permanent reminder of life’s trial


Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Mid week Motif “Diary”

My question to you: What have you lost or found in the pages of a diary?

27 thoughts on “Dear Diary #writing #poetry

  1. i have lost journals…and it always feels like i am losing a bit of myself….so much of my day and life goes into them…
    but the last bit, no longer needing them, there is a freedom feel in that moonie…


  2. I did have a few diaries at earlier times in my life that I got rid of. After they have served their purpose, sometimes they are best disposed of. Not that they really were all that interesting. LOL. Sometimes indeed it is better just to have the memories in one’s mind, and they take up less space that way too. Smiles.


  3. I love the resolution of throwing the pages into the fire..I think it is a real metamorphosis when you realise you don’t have to write everything finds its own way of remembering..and being written..which is beautifully evident here


  4. You have an interesting progression in your stanzas from something lost to something that shared pain to something deliberately burned and no longer needed. Instead of commentary on something that happened in the past, I feel present in each movement and feel the amazing change when the pain is no longer needed. Congratulations! I totally love this reminder that we van choose to let go! Maybe I will never open those boxes in my closet, but-but-I don’t remember really if I wrote down pain or joy.


  5. I enjoyed your words and how I could identify with your experience as a former writer of diary, even though I never burned mine. The first stanza particularly resonated with me.


  6. I may not be able to identify with your feeling towards the old scriblings, [I was delighted to come across mine], but I do understand what you are saying. Enjoyed the personality you ascribed to the paper companion. Your alter ego in a way that was helpful \and not intrusive. Well done. This prompt wasn’t easy.


  7. Diaries should not used as a weapon against the reader. What is written may be a transient thought not to be retained by anybody but the writer. The reader shouldn’t think it is about them. I hope the appointments in mine reveal more to a later reader!


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