Strawberry Memories #haiku #art #poem


missing you

fresh early morning scent

strawberry fields


several meals

red happy faces

dessert for breakfast


succulent juice

white cream on top

moon smiles



Strawberry is the Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem prompt for this weekend. What strawberry memories haunt you?

I grew up with berries in our back yard. We had huge fields of strawberry fields  behind our house when I was raising my children – so many memories of fresh strawberries.

9 thoughts on “Strawberry Memories #haiku #art #poem

  1. I really like your strawberry memories. I love the question about what strawberry memories haunt us. It’s such a great line. It could go into its own poem.


  2. I tried growing strawberries once, but I don’t get a whole lot of sun in my back yard – and the bugs and birds feasted before I did. We have a bunch of U-pick places by us. Some strawberries are just as big as plums!


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