Day’s End #photography #poetry


rain and thunder

Rain drops collide with mid afternoon heat

thunder’s timpani roll  in loud rumbles

the conductor excitedly increases the tempo

light flashes as the cymbals strike

leaves clap their hands

trees bow in deference

the moon’s light brightens the sky

nature hushes waiting for a silvery banquet

fire flies approach the dance floor

spinning their partners in charged ecstasy

summer beads off my brow as I watch day’s end

leaf drop

16 thoughts on “Day’s End #photography #poetry

  1. ha. love the personification of nature….their celebration…the firefly dance….the reverence of bowing the heads of trees…leaves clapping…i just want to breathe that in…


  2. Enjoyed this poem and what a lovely description. I could see the trees bowing and leaves clapping. Your poem reminded me of fireflies. It’s hard to find them in city but I really love them.


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