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Too Late #poetry #Worldsnakeday



Too late you ssssee me

I’ve been watching you



this is my ssssssingular purpose

catch those unaware

trip them up






I’ve been

enjoying it





at the heart

in a garden

with a pre         tty women

ssss           ssss

There has to be a day for everything and today is World Snake Day.  So Susan at Poet’s United offers up the snake (which I hear tastes like chicken) up as the prompt for Mid Week Motif

Thank you to  photographer Digicla and creative commons for the great shot of the snake!!! Please check out this photographer’s site for more incredible shots.




30 thoughts on “Too Late #poetry #Worldsnakeday

  1. Great poem for the day! I have a snake that was my daughter’s, only she grew up and moved out and left it here! It’s a corn snake and they live a pretty long time. I didn’t know it was Snake Day, but today I cleaned his cage out, so he got to celebrate with clean litter! 🙂


    1. ha – I bet he was a happy snake.
      I owned a harmless ring neck when I was a child.
      I never really feared them until our neighbors found rattler babies in the backyard – “Umm kids let’s play in the front yard til you’re off to college.”


  2. Hisssss! I must be well versed in parseltongue!

    Love this one – though looking at that snake (if it were right in front of me) brings back Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when he exclaims, “I hate snakes!” 🙂


  3. The closeup of the snake reminds me of friends who keep them who really shouldn’t. It’s a rare person who can take proper care of a snake, any kind. There is a lot of love… and a lot of feeding of mice. But there is also the handling, the loving communion, and a lot of owners totally miss that, just get off on the “wanting and getting” aspect of exotic pets.

    As for your poem… I love all the hissssssy talk. Your voice for the snake is quite what I’d imagine if I could hear its thoughts! Nicely done… Amy


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