Racing Dawn #tourdefrance #cycling #poetry

july2dawn 015


warming up before I pull

my steady friend

a green Lemonde Bikeoff the truck bed

cinching my helmet


rolling my neck

shoulders anticipating miles of strain

my shoes becoming one with my vehicle

click, click

slow motion forward

adjusting gears from last ride

muscles groaning over yesterday

smile, as I push forward

knowing there is a mountain ahead of me

there is little I can see

I aim toward a wall of fog

all alone except for cattle greetings

pull, push, pull, push

the only sound I hear

is my cadence of breathing

ha, ha, hu, hu

ha, ha, hu, hu

oak tree my friend on the descent

not so welcome as I climb

passing the tree line

when did the fog dissipate?

I don’t remember

Fire danger sign at high alert today

the thought of fire makes me thirsty

gulp, gulp

muscles start lactic acid build up

squeeze, squeeze

reach behind for my liquid protein

squirt, squirt

one moment to take a long breath

check brakes

another inhale preparing for the rush

the welcome descent

racing the wind

willing my 23 mm tires to hug the hill

there are moments I fly


it seems minutes since I left the summit

and when I hear

the “welcome back to earth

blown out of warm nostrils

they go back to gossiping

about life in the fields

as the sun prepares

to meet the day

july2 dawn2015


The photographs are taken ( Sierra Madre) in the area I used to start my cycling morning (promptly at 5am to beat the 110 degree days) Sometimes there would be other cyclists, sometimes just the cattle. Cyclists of all levels train on these mountains.

In honor of the (spirit of cycling) Tour de France, the prompt for midweek motif is La Tour de France.

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 23.13.35




19 thoughts on “Racing Dawn #tourdefrance #cycling #poetry

      1. Oh yes. Waking up early has it’s perks. Apart from watching the sunrise, it’s usually nice and quite. Now, I just have to find the energy to get out of bed early more… 😉


  1. This was more a reflection on cycling (my own love for it) than the underlying issues that cycle with La Tour. I hope you can enjoy a moment of the mountain’s
    breeze rushing by your ears as you land in the dry fields populated by cattle. I dont know perhaps those four legged lads bet on if I will return in one piece.


  2. better change your tyres to 19 mm that’ll help a bit.
    What’s the LeMonde like to ride? ten gears?
    I could feel the fatigue building up. But, after each painful uphill there is a glorious downhill.


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