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Sticks and Stones #poetry #photography


if I could give up

one thing you see

it wouldn’t hang

from a big apple tree


if I had to stand

with a big lettered sign

it would not be written

in cursive or in rhyme


if there were a big group

standing in a crowd

people united

some silent others loud


i’m not sure if ships

blockading in the sea

or a broad high fence

barring you from feeding me


is it sticks that you bring

or is it rocks

what point are you making

with your useless sling shot?


The prompt for Poet’s United Midweek motif is Boycott.

 I am not sure if a boycott of items or a service really does much.

Will a Cold War (a boycott of sorts) with Russia help my friends in the Ukraine???

Are the boys barring the way for practitioners  (with sticks and slingshots)  into their villages preventing the spread of Ebola?

My signs would say:

“Give Crimea Back”

“Stop the Spread of Ebola – NOW!!!”

16 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones #poetry #photography

  1. I love the nursery rhyme quality of your poem which helps to reduce the sticks and stones to nonsense. I’m not sure making no signs/apples visible is the answer either. Your frustration shows in the narrative tone, annoyance really. Frankly, I feel the same way. You ask great questions at the end of your poem–the beginning of another I think.


  2. ugh…it is scary…we know a missionary doctor who is over there right now…that was treating ebola patients…and has now contracted it himself…they are giving him a 50/50 shot at this point of living through the week…luckily his family got out and is back in texas…


  3. Very interesting poem. It sounds aggressive but you get your message across. Sticks and stones can break our bones, but what’s in our hearts will still shine one way or another.


  4. well we have seen the effectiveness of boycott by Gandhi in India in early 1919 till 30s… th eeast india company was never in that much loss untill the boycott came to be!


  5. I tend to agree with Arushi; voting with wallet (or feet) is time-honored and often effective. but nothing is ever 100%, besides our mortality. as to the video on my blog, try going to the source video and view it there? thanks for visiting ~


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