Silenced #hiroshima #poetry #poem


Captive in the frame
Captive in the frame

Awakened from deafening noises

pushing away this long night mare

unsuccesful I rub my dark eyes

trying to look through a dusty cloud

I shake cob webs that I wear

Looking in a mirror

I lay back on the floor

 fear grabs me as I  curl up

knowing that this dream must end

or destruction has claimed my world


 Poet’s United Wednesday Motif is reflecting on the 69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima or A-Bomb Day. We are prompted to write from the point of view of a character then or now.

19 thoughts on “Silenced #hiroshima #poetry #poem

  1. Researching for the heavier response I wrote for this prompt, I came across horrifying details. I wonder how the developers and detonators of the bombs managed to go on with their lives, how did they sleep at night? You have written this well.


  2. I agree with Sherry. Once I realized your narrator was there and maybe a child, I cringed and expected more gory details. You spared us by her still needing to wake. Oh, and when and if she wakes to the full realization of what has been lost, oh! … your reader fills in those details.
    A very fine poem. And your comment on mine is so generous! Thank you.


  3. Like a crouching tiger spotting a prey pounces on it Death grabs them unaware..the ignorant, innocent civilians give in instantly…you’ve very deftly framed that instant..


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