Where were you in the 70s? #haiku #Godspell #music #poetry

coffee 001
once unencumbered
miles I’ve trudged off course
pebble ground to sand


why are you here?

I thought you stayed in my youth

Okay, but just 1 verse

The song “By My Side” was from the original musical production of Godspell.  Godspell was one of the first musicals I performed in (the undefinable 70s). The prompt “Pebble” from Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem reminded me of the symbolism of the pebble that challenges the bearer to be wiser, stronger, resilient. It is also symbolic of faith which requires a walk without knowing or understanding where we are going.

27 thoughts on “Where were you in the 70s? #haiku #Godspell #music #poetry

  1. I too, as in Godspell (1866) and my sister sang this in the 70s when she was in a production.. wow memories all the way around


  2. I was there at a production when it was on in Australia. I so loved the show I had all the music and the soundtrack. Oh my goodness was it that long ago? Thanks for the great memories.


  3. The 70’s. Wow.
    I was so young then, but now
    My joints are quite loud.

    (OK, that sucks, but it’s off the cuff.) I was stage-manager for a production of GodSpell at my college.


    1. No apology is ever needed. I think poetry is to inspire and to be shared. How often do I break out in a song of poetry on your blog? It is as natural as the flow of a gentle stream. It is friend, Magyar a gift to share.


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